Repair chips on poly / nitro finish

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  1. Morgal


    Jan 8, 2014
    Hi, I've just got a Yamaha RBX375 five string bass from my friend to use it free. I really like the sound of this bass but it's condition is a bit bad :meh: There're some scratches on the finish and there're some deeper chips to where I can see the wood material. I'd like to get rid of them.

    Previously when I got my Aria IGB-30 I could repair a small chip with a mix of CA glue and black acryllic paint, wet-sanding. Unfortunately my polishing paste couldn't blend the sanded part with the original finish but it worked fine on my bike's finish :) So it's only work with nitro finishes.

    I think this Yamaha has poly finish too. How can I polish a poly finish to get the repaired part blended to the ogirinal finish?

    (I try posting high res photos of both basses as soon as possible)