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    so one of my favorite basses I own is this old Tyrolean bass. I’ve had a lot of work done to it.

    When I purchased it I was told it had a neck block (which led me to believe it had a modern neck angle) surprise no neck block but wood added under the humps to function like a block(?). To make it a little more playable I had a T nut installed and after that a low B extension. The bass sounds great but I think I want to get a new neck but keep and possibly cut down the current extension since it’s so well done. I’d rather not shim the neck since it will throw off the geometry of the extension and just make everything complicated.

    Second conundrum is that the bass has some flush edges for most of the top and parts of the back, and I’d love to have some fresh edges put on the bass. It doesn’t have purfiling but I don’t really miss it.

    Lastly the bass could use a nice French polish or even just some more varnish . The varnish on is thin but strong enough, and I’d like to keep the bass healthy!

    So the question is:
    neck+block (refitting extension)
    New edges
    Add some varnish/French polish

    What would I be looking for in terms of cost?

    Some might say it’s not worth it ect. Ect. But the bass sounds really good, and I just want to give this instrument the love it deserves. It was originally a 3 string and has a mismatched 4th tuner, I plan to keep it that way. The bass isn’t being resold, and will probably be handed down to a young player when I can’t play anymore. I plan to go to a luthier soon to iron out more details, but just a general savings plan before would be helpful
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    If you've gotta ask......

    NYC prices, probably $5k minimum; likely more.
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