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repairing a damaged set neck

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by gjbassist, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. My son dropped his mandolin and the neck separated from the body. It appears to be a clean break where the neck is glued to the body. What would be the best method for repairing it? I don't usually work with set neck instruments so I'm not too familiar with how to go about fixing it. It's not an expensive mandolin so I would like to try to fix it myself since he has another one.
  2. I - personally - would check out the mandolin cafe forums. They're filled with some knowledgeable people who would be able to help you better than most people on this forum - though I'm sure those with experience would be eager to help.

    My own approach would be to sand the gluing surfaces - with a low-grit sand paper. You're just trying to sand all the old glue off of the joint. Then - if it's a V-type neck joint - I would drill for new dowels, dry-fit said neck with the dowels, and then glue with titebond and clamp and leave overnight. Of course, mind you, that's a very brief process, but might just be enough to help you out. Do you have any pictures? those might help a lot as well.

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