Repairing wear and tear in Jazz neck

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  1. Hi folks, hope this hasn't been asked a thousand times; I did a search but nothing useful came up.

    I have a Fender Jazz that's been my main instrument for 20 years and it's showing wear and tear like you might expect. The main problem is the neck. There's a big ding in the centre of the back of it, and on the G-string side around the C-fret just below the edge binding there's a rough bit where the varnish has worn away and it's down to the wood.

    I'm happy to take sander and paintbrush to it myself, but what varnish/lacquer/automotive product do you guys recommend I use to fill and protect?

    Thanks in anticipation,

  2. Anyone?
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    Hi Doug,

    I'd suggest posting this in the setup/repair section, or better yet, the luthier's corner. You might get a quicker response. Those guys might have some word on spot-fixes for you.

    I would also suggest that your bass sounds like a 70s Jazz, and you may wish to have the work professionally done to keep the value of the bass.
  4. Alright, thanks - I'll re-post.

    It IS a 70's bass, but how did you know? I only said I've had it for 20 years, so what other clues did I give you? :)
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    edge binding.
  6. You guys are good!
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    Definitely get it looked at by someone with expertise. You don't want to mess with vintage vibe.

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    Contact Pat Wilkins of Wilkins guitar finishes(he's done work for me in the past)he doe's about 75 -90% of the guitar and bass finishes in the buisness and he's an expert at matching the just right vintage finish for your Jazz neck(and he will repair the little dings as well)feel free to contact him anytime at


    I have included a pic of my 71 J bass(Pat did the finish on the back of the neck,he did not do the marble finish,that was done by Jens Ritter of Ritter Basses)
  9. Thanks for the info, Jauqo, but as I'm in Scotland it's a little academic :) Not sure I'd risk posting her across the Atlantic...

    That's a great finish on yours. I notice you've got a strip up the back of the neck that mine doesn't have - presumably that's where the truss rod is? Have you had it modded or is that stock?

    You guys seem to think I'm sitting on something here, but I've always thought this particular guitar wasn't one of Fender's best. In fact, I think it's a CBS one. I've never treated it with much respect because it was already beat up when I got it and so it didn't cost me much. But the neck felt so much better than the plank that is my Peavey T40 and the Jazz is half the weight too, so she became my gigging bass and she's been knocked about a bit. Maybe I should give the old girl a little more respect?
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    It definitely is a CBS made Jazz...from the mid sixties to the early eighties they all were. Oddly, even the not-so-good 70s fenders are worth quite a bit these days, dog or not. If'n you check the pricing they're well over 1K these days. If you ever go to sell it, once you're in the 'vintage' range full neck refin is gonna kill some of that cost.

    Since you don't seem to be terribly in love with the bass and sound like you might not hold on to it forever, I'd think about keeping the repairs to the least invasive level possible...that way you could maximize your sale profit. Otherwise, you obviously can do whatever you want with it and hold on to it.

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    You're welcome and not wanting to ship it so far is very understandable.

    The strip is where the rod is placed and the neck and rod is all original except the fingerboard,(the original FB was maple)I had the Ebony FB put on in the early 80's.about 5 years ago Ritter put the finish on it and just a few years ago I had barts put in and hipshot hardware and a extender key.

    You would be surprised at what some people would pay for the bass you own today and during the CBS years the qaulity controll was an issue.
  12. Funnily enough, I wouldn't part with it. It's just that it's had a hard life and is very much a working bass. I suppose it's a bit like a farmer and his sheepdog - he wouldn't be sentimental about even a good dog but he'd find his work much harder without one!

    The rough bit on the side of the neck is the thing I'd want to fix most, so I wouldn't tackle the whole neck. If as you guys suggest I could have $1k's worth of bass even beat up, I'll keep the vintage vibe intact. At least then anyone I pass it on can benefit. Or they'll have to dig up the coffin when I get buried with my Jazz - I can always try to take it with me!