Replacement Bridge Recommendations for Peavey Cirrus 5?

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  1. SwagMagDude


    Mar 3, 2021
    I need to replace the bridge on one of my "Peavey Cirrus 5" basses. Does anyone have a bridge, in particular, they would recommend? Price is no object, I want the best bridge I can get my hands on. Thanks!

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  2. What exactly is the bridge problem Frank and what version of Cirrus do you have . US models have ABM bridges, BXP and bolt on Cirrus have mono saddles. Indonesian re-issues have ABM copies. Which is it ?

    Swapping a Cirrus bridge is not as easy as swapping a Fender bridge. The Cirrus neck angle is set to work with the ABM. Should the replacement bridge be taller or lower then you run into problems. Not just string action, the pickup radius also must be considered.

    There was a fella here swapped his for a Hipshot bridge. It didn't work so he ended up combining bits from 3 (?) bridges as a workaround. In my opinion it looked bloody awful :D
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  3. SwagMagDude


    Mar 3, 2021
    Thanks for the info...A have a NTB USA model.
    The current bridge has corrosion issues and some of its guts are seized up. Its not worth trying to save. I bought the knowing the bridge was on borrowed time.

    In spite of the issues with the bridge, the bass still sounds fantastic and I bought it cheap enough that I have no problem sinking money into it. The pickups sound great and the store replaced all the wiring for free when I bought it, so I think its worth finishing the restoration.

    I have an awesome techniton to do the work. Everyone I know raves about his work also, so I'm sure he'll have no problem installing the new bridge.
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  5. PaulYeah

    PaulYeah Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2004
    Dallas, TX
    In your opinion, would I need to hire a luthier to install this? If it doesn't require drilling any new holes, I'd be comfortable doing it myself. Just curious. Thanks for any info you have.
  6. @PaulYeah
    No my friend, no luthier work involved.

    Simple swap over job
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