Replacement Bridge Saddles Help?

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  1. Nathan DG

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    Jun 30, 2017

    I'm hoping someone could possibly help me find a part or even just let me know it's name? Here is a picture of what I am trying to find: 20170630_204650.jpg
    To explain, I have a bridge like this:
    20170630_204700.jpg where each string sits on one of those little black pieces, which in turn sit inside sliding blocks within the bridge.
    20170630_204708.jpg I seem to have lost one of the black notched pieces that the strings sit on. I cannot for the life of me seem to find replacement parts for these anywhere online! I think they are called saddles? But that could be entirely wrong. The only option I have seen is to buy another cheap bridge and take the parts from that. So if someone could please help me, hopefully I'm just searching for the wrong things and they're an easy part to obtain.

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    Jan 12, 2017
    Yes, they are bass saddles. If you have difficulty with a specific hard to find saddle, contact the manufacturer of that bass. In most cases, local stores don't carry these items.