Replacement for DiMarzio DP126 set or just use the P?

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  1. Hi everyone - there was a time that this set was my go to PJ but I find over the last 2 years or so I really fight a few of the aspects of this pickup set that make it unique.
    For one I know these pickups have a bump in the low mids - but I find that this doesn't translate to the thump, or punch I expect from a PJ set. It kinda just makes the low end unruly fur want of a better word.
    Also I like to run some mild overdrive to achieve my desired tone - and I find that these pickups have an upper mid tone that just comes across being too pronounced for a bass tone. Possibly because of the ceramic magnets?
    I guess my question is have others had this experience with this set? I know they are generally liked as a high output, aggressive pickups and that us what I want, but I'm also not in live with the tone I get so maybe time to move on.
    I'm thinking maybe and EMG GZR set as I would like to stay passive.
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    Dec 11, 2008
    I use that P pickup. Sonically it is a good match for my P bass which needed a bit of a push in the low mids. I do agree with you that finding the right OD with this pickup isn't easy. These pickups are pretty aggressive in general. You can tame the pickups by lowering it down into the bass some and/or dropping the pole pieces some. I love this pickup but did have to search a bit for the right OD even after making that adjustment. So far I like it with the Trace Elliot Transit B OD which is very natural and amp-like. I did not like it with the Darkglass VMT.

    IMHO finding a pickup with a bit more sonic space would allow room for the OD to shine. Either that or find an OD that sounds better with them.
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  3. Maybe I should just try the P by itself, but I still come back to the fact I don't want to have a PJ set and having to settle to use just the P because I'm not happy with the tone?