Replacement Grover Screw In Bushings?

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  1. I have a set of wavy Grover tuners I bought in the Late 80's or early 90's and have misplaced the screw in bushings. The neck they were mounted in had push-in bushings, so they got lost in the shuffle somewhere.

    A Google search found some at Allparts, but they're Grover guitar bushings, and no bass ones that I saw. Anyone know where I can get some replacements?


  2. Have you contacted Grover?
  3. I have not. Figured someone sold them or a TBer knew where to get them before I get gouged by Grover. :)
  4. I contacted Grover and got this response. They were willing to send me replacements, but don't have any.

    Unfortunately those are older than you think. (USA Grovers before 1985) The good news is they are worth something. The bad news is that the molds have changed and everything now is metric. Your only hope in finding parts would be Ebay.


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