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Replacement pickups for 4003

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Intrepid, May 28, 2002.

  1. Intrepid


    Oct 15, 2001
    I was looking at Alembic's website and noticed they made a Rick pick-up replacement...are these worth getting, or is anybody else's pickups worth getting? Doesn't seem very common to replace Rick pick-ups, so I haven't seen a whole lot of information on it
  2. incubus2432


    Mar 21, 2002
    Grafton, Ohio
    I just replaced the pickups on one of my 4003's with a set of Bartolini's. I just did it as an experiment....and because I got the replacements cheap on ebay :) As far as if they were worth it or not....for what I paid yes....if I bought the pickups new I think I'd be disappointed. The tone is basically unchanged....it just "tightened" up the sound especially the lowend. The pickups do sound better than stock.....I just don't know if it is worth $200 to me (for new Barts) when I really have no complaints with the factory sound.

    Seymour Duncan also makes direct replacements (no opinion since I never heard them).

    What is the price for the Alembics....like $500?(the website is a tad unclear) but they also include electronics (I believe) so it may be a completely different tone or range of tones......I'd like to hear one before I laid out that kind of cash. I emailed Alembic several times with no response and I lost interest before I got around to giving them a call.

    One other thought.....the Rickenbacker humbuckers from the 4004 series would be another option. I may try this on my other 4003 for a comparison....I know where there is a used set for cheap.

    For the Barts the neck pickup was a direct swap and the bridge pickup required me to use the stock pickup's mounting plate (which meant an extra cut in the stock pickup's wiring) which needed a little trimming for a clean installation. From what I can tell the Ric humbuckers would mount about the same as the Barts. The Alembic and Seymour Duncan say they are a direct replacement but so did Bartolini ( I don't believe taking apart the stock pickup and cutting the mounting plate is "direct replacement"....to me that is a little soldering and just screwing in the new pickups)
  3. slacker


    Nov 27, 2001
    Portland Oregon
    I also have the Bartolini Rickenbacker pick-ups. Very Nice. They are much more defined in the low end. Warmish highs. Not as harsh as the original Ric pick-ups. Still retains the Rickenbacker charm.

    All I did was mount my bridge pick-up directly on the stock mounting plate. Two extra holes (if any).

    The Seymour Duncan bridge pick-up is also neat. Rail design. Very, very strong mids if I recall.
  4. bigtexashonk

    bigtexashonk Supporting Member

    Why oh why isn't Rickenbacker still offering the Horsehoe pickup reissue? I can't believe the prices they're bringing on eBay. $500? I want one in the worst way, but come on!

    Wake up Rickenbacker!!! There's a justifiable demand for offering these as a retrofit part.
  5. keb


    Mar 30, 2004
    I've always wanted one too, but I think part of the issue is that they probably need all the horseshoe pickups they make for their reissue 4001 basses. By all accounts Rickenbacker instruments sell faster than they can make 'em (there are many stories of various orders taking sometimes a year or more). To Rickenbacker's credit, though, they don't skimp on quality to crank out more instruments nor will they ever produce anything outside their own California factory (ie, going the Fender route).
  6. Sloom


    Mar 3, 2005
    I have a Schecter Stiletto- neck thru design. I had a Ric and miss the sound awful bad, so:

    Anyone have an opinion on installing Ric/Ric replacements on a bass with P/U routs at the typical positions for a PJ setup? Would I substantially compromise the ability to get "that Ric Sound" at the neck pickup by virtue of this new position closer to the bridge (re: farther away from the middle of the string)? And maybe that'd be o.k.?... :eyebrow:

    Gotta ask,

  7. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004
    PM sent.

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