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replacement pickups for a Cort GB35...

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by nuno1959, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Hi guys

    based on my surprisingly & most positive experience with my Cort Action4A bass, i recently bought a Cort Gb35 from Session.de as a means to try out playing a 5er without breaking the bank while getting a good quality built instrument

    a few days later it arrived & sure enough it IS a VERY well built bass : sounds & resonates nicely unplugged w/ lots of sustain, REALLY NICE neck & fret job, perfect string spacing for my big paws, very balanced ( no neck dive..) really makes you wonder how they manage to do it for the 260€ it cost me - shipping from Germany to Portugal INCLUDED !?

    the only fly in the ointment ( which i already knew about.. ) is that the pickups are some generic ''interpretation'' of a MusicMan at the bridge & a Jazz Bass at the neck & either them or it's active preamp sound....what's the word ? ''midrangey'' ? nasal ?...not so nice - yes i can get a ''decent-ish'' tone out of them but each requires lots of tweaks in my amp but still, nothing to write home about - on the contrary !!

    they look like this :


    so i was wondering if anyone around here has the same bass or some experience with it & has swapped it's pickups or preamp & what did they use/would recommend

    any suggestions will be very appreciated, thanks to you all
  2. bumpty bump ?

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