Replacement pickups for Squier Active Deluxe Jazz 5

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  1. Hi everyone. I've recently ditched the preamp in this bass as I didn't like the way it coloured the tone, however the tone is now what Is call sterile (there's that word), or maybe lack lustre is a better description.
    My pickup choice is a little limited as at this stage I don't want to do any routing. Dimarzio Area J and Ultra J will fit, so will Sadowsky. Not sure of any others. The tone I am after is as close as possible to my main bass that has a Dimarzio DP126 PJ set. Definitely has more prominent mids and low mids. Would like to keep the setup passive too.
    Any suggestions appreciated.
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    Aug 5, 2010
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    Not sure what the Dimarzio's sound like, but if it were mine I'd use Lollar pups, CTS 250k linear taper volume pots, a Stellartone Tonestyler, and good wire.
  3. Hey Jake,
    What preamp did you end up with?
    What are you looking for in the tone? More mids? More low end?

    I'm really keen on going for a set of Area J's at some point... But for me, the strings I use make the biggest difference (Fodera SS are AWESOME!)
  4. Also, for low mids, have you considered a series mod? I use mine a lot when I want the bass to have that extra "oomph"
  5. Hey man - how's things. I appreciate the help you've given me with these things.
    I guess I can only describe the difference as I think the stock Squier pickups sound Ok, but they sound like typical single coil jazz pickups - a little scooped, less output and lacking "balls" for want of a better term. Just running them passive and would like to keep them that way. I'm not a fan of onbaord EQ. The Dimarzios have strong mids with a definite low mid bump that doesn't get boomy but really delivers a thick, robust tone. Pretty hot output too.
    I use EB Power Slinkys for strings - I like the tone and tension. Have been thinking of Area J 5's as well, just wondering if there are any other choices out there to muscle up the tone a little from standard passive JJ. Nordies maybe? I dunno - biggest problem is finding pickups that will fit.
  6. Send Nordstrand an email... They're really pretty good about answering queries...

    I find that running the stock pickups in series really brings some cajones to the tone... Darker and stronger but still articulate... Similar to the stock "slap switch" without the muddiness