Replacement Plastic Washers for Bass Keys

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  1. BlackBear1971


    Nov 17, 2010
    Greetings fellow bassists,

    Does anyone know where I can order the plastic washers for tuning pegs for the Ibanez SR Series basses? I Ordered some from They only had one item listed. Silly me, thinking that all bass tuning pegs were the same size, I placed my order. Much to my dismay, the washers were too small and didn't fit. Even more messed up is the fact that there is a $10 minimum to order from them, so now I have four packs of plastic washers that don't fit any of my basses (all Ibanezs.)

    So again, if anybody can show me where to order this insanely difficult to find part (Made even more frustrating because Ibanez had to be different) I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. tjmdetroit


    Jan 27, 2008
    Detroit, MI
    google.... washers... or.... plastic washer... [DEL]lol[/DEL] giggle!
  3. 96tbird

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    If you have any mechanical ability this will make sense.

    Cut some out of old tropicana OJ containers, the toughest plastic out there (i use it as rim protection when changing my motorcycles tires, its incredibly tough!).. Use a piece of metal brass or steel tubing with the desired inside diameter (available at hobby shops) to cut perfect circles.

    Put a length of tube, the size of the tuner shaft to fit over, in a drill. Spin the tip of tube on a file, etc, holding it at a shallow angle so as to file a knife edge on the tube. Now place on plastic and spin it up. Within one second you have cut a perfect circle hole. Using a tube that will cut the outside diameter needed over the hole cut to cut your round washer out.

    If you are handy, you can even make a tool to cut washers by soldering the small tube inside the big tube using an intermediate sized tube as a spacer jig.