Replacement preamp for Ibanez BTB 4 string

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  1. Hi,
    My brother has recently bought an Ibanez BTB fretted 4 (sorry, I don't know the exact model number - it has 2 j style pickups on it from memory). Got it for an absolute steal as it was from a pawn-broker and the previous owner had ripped out all the electronics, and therefore it wouldn't make a sound!He also has an ATK fretless 4, which he's very happy with.

    He rewired the BTB, with passive vol/vol/tone, and the remaining holes he's filled with a mini switch, which switches on the LED in the 5th hole! But he wishes there was a bit more versatility, ie a 3-band eq like on his ATK. He's thinking about getting rid of the BTB unless he can get a relatively cheap but decent preamp. I have no real idea about aftermarket pre's, and wanted to see if anyone had recommendations...

    The exact requirements for this pre are:
    1) Cheap (he's a guitarist primarily and is only just out of college)
    2) Sounds decent (not necessarily wonderful)
    3) Fills at least 3 of the 5 holes in the bass (so he can ditch the switch and LED)
    4) Cheap!

    Thanks in advance,
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    Jun 19, 2004
    aguilar obp-1
  3. The Aguilar OPB-1's seem to be selling for about $110, and a lot of people really like them. The Bartolini two band costs about the same, and also sounds very good. I don't think he would be compromising on tone quality with either, as long as he likes their particular tones.

    If he wants to get the cost down, I would be really careful. Cheap preamps are a false economy because of the noise and greatly diminished tone most of the really cheap ones offer. Check the For Sale forum for some great deals on a good used one. They show up pretty regularly.