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Replacement pups for my '92 MIM Fender P.

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Thursday, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Thursday


    Nov 24, 2005
    Bronx, New York
    I own a MIM Fender P and I was thinking about changing the Pickups, because they sound dull and dying. Also I want a better tone if possible. I think between the DiMarzio Model P DP122 or the Basslines SPB-3 QTR-PND P Bass.
    Also I was thinking about EMG pick ups, the EMG-P.

    http://www.emginc.com/displayproducts.asp?section=Bass&categoryid=23 (EMG)

    http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/g=bass/search/detail/base_pid/300310/ (Bassline)

    http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/g=bass/search/detail/base_pid/302280/ (DiMarzio)
  2. This sounds like strings or something else other than pickups.

    I have some samples on my web site under "Bass Tones".

    Link to Bass Tones
  3. Thursday


    Nov 24, 2005
    Bronx, New York
    Looks like a very useful site, but I can't hear anything cuz this is a public computer. I'll check it out later.