Replacement speaker for a Peavey B115 cab HELP.

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  1. Hey guys,
    I recently bought a Traynor Monoblock II and it came with an old Peavey B115 cab, which sounded great. A couple of hours into my first jam with it the speaker blew. The cab says it's rated at 4 ohms, but when I opened it to take a look at the speaker, it's an 8 ohm Black Widow speaker. I really want to get that cab back into shape since it was sounding so awesome. I've got 2 other ampeg cabs, one 410HLF and one 810EN, but they don't match that well with the Monoblock II.

    I know that the Monoblock II is damn loud, but still it's rated 325 watts @ 2ohms.

    I know I could get a 4 ohm Black Widow speaker as a replacement but what are the other options?

    Which 15" speaker sounds awesome for that kind on vintage tone? Eminence/Celestion/BlackWidow/JBL? Let's hear it.
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    Check out Great site for info, specs and prices. Plus, they have great intelligent reviews. Good luck.
  3. Get a 4 ohm Black Widow speaker basket to recone the speaker you've got. Will be cheaper than a new speaker!
  4. +1. There are a lot of 15" PV BW speakers. Get the right replacement basket. It'll be something like a 1502-DT-4.