Replacement speaker?

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  1. DaveDub


    Nov 17, 2013
    I have a Bag End 18 bottom cabinet for my rig that has frozen. I've been told it needs a replacement speaker. A Bag End replacement speaker is over $400 and I can't afford that. Any recommendations for a good replacement? Or is that about what it will cost regardless? Love my Bag End stuff hate to add just anything!! Please help
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    Can you give us the port dimensions (width, height, and depth), along your best estimate of the cab's internal dimensions?

    Depending on the enclosure size and tuning frequency, you may be able to choose from several options at or below $200.
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    Reconing might be one option, did You ask about that when you contacted BE?

    There's a possibility that another speaker might work in that enclosure, but it's doubtful that You will save any considerable amount of money, not to mention the inevitable drop in performance.

    $400 sounds like either a mid-price pro PA driver or an OEM driver, neither will be cheap.


    I have used these speakers with great success. No, they're not equal to a high-end JBL or Eminence but they are in no way junk and an exceptional value. If one of them works with the volume and tuning of your enclosure as well as your power needs (make sure to graph excursion in WinIsd or such), then I would say go for it. Keep in mind your cabinet will likely sound different no matter what non-factory driver you put in there.