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Replacement speakers for a Carvin 2x10

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by count_funkula, Dec 29, 2001.

  1. Would replacing the speakers in my Carvin 2x10 allow me to get more low end out of this cabinet?
    I have heard people say Carvin cabs are not very effecient. Is that due to the speakers or the design of the cabinet as a whole?

    I like the sound of this cabinet but it does need more low end. What brand/type of speakers would do the trick?
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    Some of the Carvin owners here took the time to calculate the internal volume of their cabs. The RC210 is 2.9 cubic feet, and the RL210T is 3.46 cubic feet. These are gross measurements and do not account for driver displacement, bracing, or porting.

    The Carvin cabs appear to be tuned around 45 Hz, which is also the Butterworth alignment tuning for the PS10 driver used in these cabs. The PS10 themselves are acoustically too large for this volume cabinet, and the bass falls off rapidly as a consequence. A single PS10 is optimum 4.0 cubic feet tuned at 45 Hz.

    The Peerless 831759 drivers used by Len Moskowitz' bass project are ideal for the Carvin cab, but with modified tuning. These drivers are no longer shown on the Peerless site, and no longer available that I can find. A shame, as they work well.

    You can download my Musician's Reference spreadsheet from my site below and check the DRIVERS tab. Sort by SIZE and DBK CUFT to see how the different 10" drivers perform by cabinet size. If you opt for a 10" driver that goes lower than the PS10 does, you will get a corresponding lowering of efficiency, and it won't be as loud.

    IMO, replacing the drivers is a waste of money that would be better spent elsewhere. Add another cabinet with better bass response, or replace the Carvin. You can sort the CABS tab of my spread sheet and find all sorts of cabs by low end response. The Eden D-210MBW looks very good to me.

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