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Replacement Speakers for Bassman 400 Pro?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by phillm47, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. Purchased this amp new at the end of June 2003. The five year warranty doesn't cover the speakers. I don't run this amp clipped and have rarely ever turned the master volume above half. Disappointing........

    All Fender bashing aside - any suggestions on replacement speakers other than the Fender replacements? Would the Eminence Delta or Kappa Pro's work in this combo?
    I really enjoyed the sound and performance of this amp - until the speaker issue.....
    Thanks folks
  2. Anyone?

    The internal cavity dimensions for this 2 x 10 measures 20 1/4" x 15" x 14" - approx. 2.46 cubic ft.

    Eminence gave the following info on the OEM speaker, although I'm pretty sure the Re is incorrect. My ohm meter measures it at approx 5.7 ohm - just say 8 ohm nominal.

    101241- 2" voice coil, 44 oz magnet
    Re: 3.90 ohms
    Fs: 54.8 Hz
    Le: 0.45 mH
    Mms: 31.3 g
    Qm: 14.50
    Qe: 0.48
    Qt: 0.47
    Xmax: 3.20 mm
    Bl: 9.33 Tm
    Efficiency: 1.52%
    Cms: 0.269 mm/N
    Rms: 0.743 N*sec/m
    Vas: 46.3 liters
    SD: 350.1 cm^2
    EBP: 113.5
    SPL: 93.8 dB 1W-1m

    Eminence suggested that the Beta 10's were close to the OEM drivers. Another speaker vendor suggested Eminence BP102's or Delalite 10's would be good replacement drivers and actual be an improvement. The amp is rated at 350 Wrms @ 4 ohm / 500Wrms @ 2 ohm. All I play are four string basses.
    Electronics I understand - speaker physics and Thiele-Small spec I do not. :(

    Can any of you speaker-tech guru's help me or make any suggestions? :crying: :help:

    Thank you. :oops:
  3. Low impedances can be difficult for some meters to read accurately, so perhaps the Re isn't too far off... I've had good luck with the Eminence Delta's but I haven't tried their Lites.
  4. FWIW, I ended up installing Eminenece Deltalite 2510's. A few weeks have passed since the speakers have been installed. The amp tone is deeper, louder at similar volume settings and IMO is an improvement. Using less EQ than before as well (nearly flat). The Deltalite 10's are working out very well in this situation. :cool:
  5. The Deltalite 2510 wants 1.2 to 1.4 cubic feet each. It looks like your cab hit is just about right.

    I like 1.4 cubic feet tuned at 41 Hz (SBB4), which comes the closest to a sealed cab for tight bass.

    The OEM driver is pretty crappy. Yes, it looks like a Beta 10, or pretty close. Bill Fitzmaurice likes this driver for his Tuba 24... I have no experience. But for a bass reflex, there are a lot better choices than the Beta 10.