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  1. Hello!
    I'm looking for replacement 10" speakers for my version I of the EA NL210. Apparently a T-Line design.

    With all the 10" drivers available out there, is there one that would be a good match for this cabinet?

    Thank you!

    Tommy L sends.....
  2. I'm bumping this as I really need pro input/help.

    Thank you!

    Tommy L sends.....
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    Give EA a call and inquire about replacements. Then get a second identical cabinet to share the load. I use the 2x10 format but I'd not try to gig with just one.
  4. OP, the best match is original equipment.
    I have no doubt that EA uses proprietary drivers built to their specs.
    This is part of the design.
  5. If anyone has a Series I EA NL-210......

    Here is some info.........My 8ohm cabinet has the following
    speakers in it which say 8ohms. JD of EA says the cabinet
    is actually a 6ohm cabinet, but EA lists it as an 8ohm.
    The dc resistance of each speaker is 8.1ohms and when
    paralleled show 4.1ohms. Most 8ohm cabinets show dc resistance between 6 and 7ohms. If 6 to 7 is 8ohms then
    4 must be 6ohms as JD of EA says.

    Below is the pic I took of the Sticker on the 10" driver.
    and below that is the T/S parameters from Eminence.
    Not sure of the accuracy, but the sticker says it's a 101425.