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Replacement truss rod for '94 Streamer

Discussion in 'Warwick Basses' started by jlilley, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. jlilley


    Aug 28, 2005
    Mill Creek, WA
    Anyone have an idea of how much a replacement truss rod for a '94 Streamer should run? I emailed the custom shop (through the Warwick site) for a quote, but it has been few days and I haven't heard back.


  2. WarwickOfficial


    May 15, 2012
    Warwick & Framus Social Media
    Hi John,

    Thanks for your question!

    I can't quote you a price over this forum, but... if you would like to call us at the Warwick/Framus Custom Shop NY, I can take care of getting you a replacement truss rod as soon as possible.

    (212) 777-6990

    All the best,
    Jesse at Warwick USA
  3. jlilley


    Aug 28, 2005
    Mill Creek, WA
    Thanks Jesse... I'll be in touch.


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