Replacement tuning machine for Univox Naked Bass????

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  1. Hello everybody...

    I was shimming my Univox Naked neck today, and upon re-tightening the strings one of the tuning machines broke. Specifically, the little cap on the bottom that the key sits in snapped off of the base. So my question is, does anyone know what kind of tuner I can use to replace it with? Originals are not easy to find, and the modern tuners that I have don't have the same footprint (the originals are larger than the Fender/Squier ones that I have). I would rather avoid having to drill new holes in the headstock; that would feel like a desecration! Please, help!
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    Yes, difficult. You need to keep searching for them. One thing is that the Asian suppliers and the sellers don't often provide dimensions so you can see if somebody still makes them.

    Take a look at JinHo website. I have a suspicion that they may make what you need and they're good quality too. They manufacture Wilson. They have dimensions listed.
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  3. Hey TBird, thanks a bunch! It looks like the Wilkinson WJBL200 just may be the correct size. There are a bunch on that big auction site. Short of finding actual Univox tuners it looks like this is my best option. I've been a fan of Korean craftsmanship for a while; I have a MIK Fernandes body/Squier neck hybrid J-Bass that gets much more use than most of my other basses.

    I'll pick up a set of Wilks and if they fit I'll be sure to throw up a post in the Univox forums about it, for future reference. If not, at least I'll have another set of well-made tuning machines, which I can always find a use for. Thanks again!
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    Very cool brother. Glad to help. Hope they work.
  5. I got the tuners the other day, and they are perfect! They fit the footprint of the factory plates nicely. Thanks again for the tip!
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    Glad to hear it and glad my hunch paid off for you.