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    How's it going my fellow bassists? So I'm currently using a vintage Kasino Concert Con-B amp and 212 cabinet that matches. 1 of my 12s is blown so my cab isn't running as great as I'd like it to.
    I'm planning on replacing both speakers with 2 Eminence Legend BP122 speakers.
    My question is, will pairing these 2 speakers (8 ohms each, 250w rms each) work well with my head? (which says it operates at 125w at 4 ohms) This won't be enough power to ruin the speakers I'm assuming, is that right? Do both of these speakers combined equal 500w rms @ 4ohms? Is this what they mean by headroom? Also my cabinet is ported, a somewhat oval shaped air hole along the bottom of the cab. This thing is a beast for a 212.
    I'm not sure what speaker would be best for low tunings and picking up the low frequencies but also allowing my highs to cut thru. This Eminence speaker is in my price range and seems good but I don't have the technical expertise or resources to test it out before ordering
    **note I play a 5 string bass in a fast metal band and drop A is our lowest tuning so far, we alternate between the top string and d string often and the low notes always overpower the highs, which i want to sound as clear as the lows. Does anybody have experience with these speakers and do you think they would perform well under my brutal sounding circumstances? Thanks everyone! \m/
  2. You'll need to provide cab interior dimensions and any porting dimensions so that the performance of various drivers can be evaluated. The BP122 dies above 2 kHz and so sounds 'dark'. It will not help you cut through the mix. It is a good driver for old school tone - not likely a good complement to metal.
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    Just use beta12a2

    Bp122 is a muddy speaker with poor sensitivity
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  4. Do you think the Basslite S2012 by Eminence would be a better choice? Under the usable frequency range it says the lowest is 49Htz, would this be suitable for that low A note?
    I can get those dimensions soon but my cab is at a recording studio right now
  5. I've also been looking at this speaker just curious as to how it handles those low A notes?
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    Should be fine. All depends on what sound pressure your trying to reach.

    If need more volume or overhead you add more speakers. 12a2 is similar to factory drivers found in old SWRs and likewise Ampeg. All used in 4x12 configurations

    Main concern as mentioned is volume of the enclosure you have. And port length sizes. Ideal your hoping for 1.6 to 2 cubic feet per driver. And around 48 to 55 hz tuning
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    Low frequency response is all about how the driver and the cabinet tuning work together. Ignore either one of those and you’ll wind up disappointed.

    Low A is around 27.5 Hz for the fundamental, but the fundamental is not where most of the energy is anyway. You’ll want strong response at the first harmonic, which is around 55 Hz.

    Also I strongly recommend a HPF set to around 45 Hz to clean up the mud and make your rig more efficient.
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    This is some old 60s/70s amp and cab, right? I wouldn't expect that setup to be great for any sort of more modern metal sound at all, regardless of driver. You should look into a modern, lower tuned cab (they are available at basically all budgets), and then once you have that sorted out, a higher powered head (300-500w if you're going solid state, might get away with 100-200w tube). You're going to get a much bigger, fuller response from a better amp as well as from a better cab. You might find one of the cheaper versions of the Ampeg 410 HLF in the $200-300 range, or the regular one for about 400-600. Hartke 4.5 XL would be another one in the 200-300 range. SWR Goliath isn't strictly designed for tons of low end, but they are pretty balanced all the way up and down and they go for about $300-400 or so and are everywhere.
  9. Thanks for your help! I'm mostly just gonna have a hard time letting go of this thing and I just want to make the most out of it so if I do decide to sell it in the future it'll be fully functional. It's mostly gonna be used for practice and smaller gigs until I get a 4x10. In your experience, what is the best 4x10 for cheap? Peavey has that headliner 410 and PVH 410 that I've been thinking about, but something in me is saying to stay away from Peavey, mostly because my guitarists Peavey stack is garbage, constantly cutting out and not getting the same good tone twice lol. Any suggestions more specific than you already mentioned? Thanks \m/
  10. *cheap but will handle low tunings played loud. I'm gonna end up buying a new one probably because bass cabs for sale never come around near me. So luckily zzounds has good payment options lol