Replacing Ibanez Gio bridge

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  1. Daniel L

    Daniel L

    Jun 12, 2012
    Hey guys, I'm in the middle of upgrading my Ibanez Gio from the starter kit, sentimental value and all

    Any way, its been painted and I'm putting black hardware on it but I'm having trouble sourcing a replacement bridge, Ibanez use four screws along the bottom and two on top unlike Fenders 5 screws. If I were to get a 5 screw bridge, should the four existing holes on the bottom line up and just leave one to drill? or is there a chance the spacing will be different, or does any one know of an aftermarket Ibanez bridge short of getting one from Ibanez?

  2. Daniel L

    Daniel L

    Jun 12, 2012


    I've tried contacting Ibanez but I am not sure my message went through as it came up with

    "This site is for US residents only"
    followed by
    "Message sent"

    I looked on the Australian contact us page, but it is just a link to the Australian distributor