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Replacing neck

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Rick Martin, Oct 4, 2000.

  1. I have a Fender MIM Jazz with a broken truss rod. I see a Maple/maple neck on ebay all the time from a company in St. Louis called Magic Dragon. Anybody out there ever seen one of these bass necks? The store sells them for around $70 and they seem to go on ebay for much less. My bass and the ebay neck both have a 2.5" heel pocket. Would this be a simple matter of bolting on the new neck and moving the tuners and nut over? What about getting the neck to body angle right? Is there a technique for shimming the neck or is it trial and error?
  2. Player


    Dec 27, 1999
    USA Cincinnati, OH
    I would call and make sure it is a direct Fender replacement. If it's a direct replacement, then it should just be a matter of bolting it on. No shimming necessary.
  3. Are the bolts holding the neck to the body actually bolts or are they screws threading into pilot holes driled in the neck?
  4. The necks offered by magicdragon aren't direct replacement necks for Fenders. They are advertised as P style necks and MAY work but you'll have to get with Willie (that's his name) to check the dimensions. The scale is correct, I just don't know how the heel of the neck would fit.

    This is in NO way a slam on magicdragon. I have bought stuff from him and have always been satisfied. He is honest and forthright and would probably be very helpful if asked. You should at least try.

    Necks of this type are mounted by screws that tap directly into the wood of the neck. Since the wood is a hard maple and the screws are the proper wood pitch they make a permanent thread in the neck and can be tightened down many times. You would have to seat your neck (straight!) and mark the holes to drill a small pilot hole for threading the existing screws into a new neck.

  5. I have a truss rod problem with a neck-thru Carvin right now. I wish I could just replace the neck!

    Heed the advice you've gotten here, in addition to checking the feedback on the e-bay seller. In my experience that will tell you if you can trust "Magic Dragon".

  6. On the back of my MIM Jazz I see four screw heads going through a metal plate. Are those four screws going right into the wood of the neck?
  7. Player


    Dec 27, 1999
    USA Cincinnati, OH
    I saw a friend of mine that builds guitars this weekend. He made a jazz bass. He got a factory 2nd neck from Allparts for like $40. You may want to call them and see if any are available. http://www.allparts.com