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Replacing screws.New ones have longer thread

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Airscorp, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Airscorp


    Apr 21, 2005
    Patras, Greece
    I just bought a BAII bridge and some SD QPs for my MIM active Jazz.
    The new screws in both of these are not exactly like the old ones.
    As for the bridge I didn't really care, I used my old screws.

    But as for the pickup height screws, I already had felt the need to replace them because my old ones are getting stripped.
    Here comes the problem!

    While the new pickup screws are almost the same, they have a somewhat longer thread.

    And here comes the (theoretical and practical) question.

    What happens to the grooves in the wood when you change from the old screw (which made the grooves), to the new one that has a different (longer) thread?

    Will I make the wood stripped? Will I destroy my bass?

    What should I do and what would you do in this case, provided that I can't find some other new set of screws that are exactly the same as my old ones (This is Greece fellows)?
  2. By "longer" do you mean coarser? If the new screws are coarser (the threads are spaced further apart and sometimes deeper), you usually won't strip the wood holes, assuming that the screws shaft isn't much smaller. The coarser threads will bite and hold better.
    What I do when I'm not sure, is to take both screws, get a piece of scrap wood, drill a small pilot for the original screw you're replacing, screw it in, then remove it and use the original screw. If it goes in snug and holds well, there won't be any guessing.

    Another idea is to super-glue a toothpick or similarly-sized wood piece into the pickup-screw holes on the bass, then mark the center point and redrill the holes. Just be sure to use a pilot bit smaller than the screw.

    Hope this helps..

  3. Airscorp


    Apr 21, 2005
    Patras, Greece
    A friend of mine, caprenter, bass lover and for the some time now a bass builder, told me just about the same things. He has put hundreds of wood screws, some of them (many less) on basses, so I trusted him and put the new coarser ones on my bass. No problem whatsoever.

    Funny you should mention that, if in doubt, I should try it first on some other wood. I tried to did just that.. I put too much pressure, the screwdriver slipped, and now I have a pretty deep wound in my left thump. AOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I quit trying after that..

    Thanks for teaching me this new word.. COARSER. I shall remember it always (like a true love LOL).

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