Replacing tuning keys on Geddy Lee Jazz with Schaller...

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  1. Hey all,

    I just got a new GL Jazz, and the stock tuners really blow compared to the Schaller BMC's that came stock on my Rickenbacker...

    The ones I need are the BMFLC, right? Just wanna do a bit of a sanity check before I go and order the wrong ones :)

  2. Went for the BMFLCs, hope they're the right ones.

    Thanks for the help! :p

  3. Well they FINALLY arrived, they dropped right in easily and they beat the crap out of the stock Fender Japan tuning machines - the precicion is far better and they stay actually stay in tune!

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    I have a Geddy Lee Jazz & I thought of replacing the Tuning Keys. Then I rehearsed with 3 different bands in 3 nites, left the bass in the case for all three nite & tuned the bass ONCE, at the begining of the 1st nite.

    I agree the tuning keys arent the best & th Schallers are definittly better, but if it ain't broke, I ain't fixing it unless UI find a set really cheap. :)
  5. I guess you had better luck with yours, Nino - Mine needed to be retuned at least once a day. No fun! It's much, much better now. I'm very glad I did it - not to mention it's much easier for me get the thing precicely in tune with the Schallers - I'd have to fiddle around for a while with the stock tuners.

    Perhaps I had a really crummy stock set? Who knows. Ah well - I'm a happy camper now.