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Report on some of my "extra" pedals

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by speak_onion, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. speak_onion


    Jun 22, 2007
    Queens, NY
    Jammed with a drummer and noise dude (mic-->sub-oct-->fuzz-->dist) with the following setup:

    bass-->ashdown sub-octave-->DOD Super American Metal-->4ms Atoner-->DOD FX-17-->Digitech PDS-1002-->amp

    Since there was no guitar, I had a lot more of the frequency spectrum to myself and I experimented with some tones that I couldn't pull off in a more traditional band.

    Ashdown Sub-Octave: I fell in love with this pedal all over again. I ditched it for an Octabass and then an Octron, but really, there is no comparison to the tone of this thing. And the tracking is fine if you're playing at least an octave up. It's really just a massive synthy tone of the apocalypse. It's easy to fill space by playing an octave up with this thing on.

    Super American Metal: I had the distortion at half, low at just above half, high all the way down and level set for a slight boost. This tone was really doomy and cool, but obviously would never cut through a guitar. Not a problem if there is not guitar though. I lost some note definition for sure, and I think a clean blend would really help in that regard. Great sound though.

    Atoner: Holy snizzlethorpe. This is bonkers. With the 193 knobs on this thing, you'd think I'd want to tweak a lot, but I found one setting (no LFO, plenty of envelope, position about 1/4, rickle at max, blend at 3/4, pregain at half, tone maxed) and just stuck with it beacuse it ruled too hard. Especially with the Super American Metal pushing it. So crushing, and so full a spectrum. My goodness.

    FX-17: I had to tweak the trimpots to make this usable on bass, and even then it was not the best. I need to tweak more. I like the sound, it's really synthy and odd, but I couldn't get the sweep right. I found that the useful part of the sweep was too concentrated in a small throw of the treadle. I know it can be fixed with the trimpots, I just failed at this the first time around.

    PDS-1002: A classic. Again, I got at those trimpots for maximum fun. I had long delays available, glitches, stutters, self-oscillation, just all kinds of fun. And the sound of it becoming saturated when the regen is set high is so killer. Yay!

    Notable combos?
    Octave-->SAM-->Atoner (duh)
    FX-17-->PDS 1002

    Octave-->PDS (the low end was rediculously muddy)