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Report on the save 650 WSM-AM protest

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Trent-35, Jan 8, 2002.

  1. Just got home a few minutes ago from the protest by country music supporters to keep WSM 650 AM the way it is, and not change the format to an all sports station like has been rumored Gaylord corporation wants to do. Gaylord has already ruined this town was the sentiment echoed by many at the rally. There was a late change in the location of the demonstration from music row to in front of the WSM station itself on McGavock pk, in front of Opryland hotel. There were prob 200 or so people there at it's peak. I was disappointed in the turnout myself, and even more disappointed in the lack of artists there. Seems that so many people are just so deathly afraid of Gaylord. it's sickening. I had fun at the rally holding a sign and doing different chants at the cars and trucks that honked in support as the drove by. But i also felt alot of sadness that this really could happen to WSM, that it's maybe already a done deal, and that the Opry could be next. It gave me an empty helpless feeling. One protester said this was his 9-11 day for country music. I thought that was a good line. It was cool being among other people that had similar passion for it like me. That's a problem in the world today i think, people just don't seem to have passion for anything, or care about the history of anything.
        Grand Ole Opry star Billy Walker deserves alot of credit as being the only Opry star with the guts to show up at the protest. Walker gave interviews to many media members. Hopefully he won't get cut back on his Opry slots as a result. guess he is a Gaylord employee of sorts, so hopefully he won't get flat fired. Though the way the weenies at Gaylord "punish" an Opry star is to simply cut way down on their bookings. Walker touched on that subject himself. A great moment of the protest, and a big personal mark out moment for me, was when the legendary George Jones showed up with his wife Nancy to show their support. Too cool! Mrs. Jones said she was mad about the whole deal. The old possum talked to several media people as well. Other artists who did turn out were Billy Yates, Shawn Camp, and a member of BR549.
      I did a live phone interview with a radio station at one point. I was also interviewed by a few other reporters. I tested ones knowledge by telling her my name was "Charley Pride". She wrote it down and never even blinked. Obliviously she was a huge country fan huh? Sheesh Trent

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