Reposting as I really need some help please!!! Alien Bass (80s)

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    Bumping this post to see if anyone out there can help me with this Alien Bass project I've taken on....

    I am attempting to help a friend of mine out by doing some research and some work on his Alien Bass. He bought it used a few months back from a local retailer, who for some reason, soldered the pickup switch leads together prior to sale, so the switch would be bypassed full time.

    I had originally done a basic setup for my friend, as it was obvious it needed one. I stopped when I realized how little was left to be able to further adjust the truss rod without stripping it. Once that was done, I opened it up and came across a total mess.

    My intention is to rewire the thing back to as close to the original factory settings for him, using all new wiring, pots, etc. However, any research about the bass turns up a lot of varying information about the pickup, the switching system, etc. As I want to be sure I buy the right parts and wire it all up correctly, I wondered if anyone out there in TB land might have any experience with this bass, or might know of any useful resources. I think the only reliable piece of information I found was that at least the pickup system was designed by Kramer (?) or some subsidiary, but that's about it.

    I've attached some photos for reference. My friend's a punk rocker, so he cares not about the aesthetics or dings (actually prefers them) so this is a post only about the electronics and wiring.

    Thank you all in advance for any guidance you might offer!
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    The Alien model was made by Hondo. It looks like the same body as the Arbor Stiletto or Kramer Duke, only different electronics. Hondo and Arbor are 34" scale, while the Duke was 30.5".
    The Duke had "a three-way mini-toggle for series, parallel, or phase pickup coil selection", one volume and one tone control and I'd assume that the Hondo is the same. Someone else was also asking about the wiring here:
    Hondo Alien wiring
    Good luck!
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    Jul 2, 2013
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    Thanks for the guidance. The linked thread helps a lot!