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reproducing SVT sound in DI?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Wounded Paw, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. Our recording studio is currently closed for a month or two while we move to a new location but I'm still in the middle of a project for my own band. We have final drum tracks but everything else is far from perfect.
    I'm trying to reproduce the sound of my early 70's SVT rig using DI equipment only. I have:
    Sansamp Bass Driver DI
    Art Dual MP tube preamps with instrument inputs
    Fulltone Bassdrive pedal
    Peas and Custard pedal
    Art tube compressors
    Urei LA4 compressors
    MOTU D/A converters and music interface to the computer where I'll be recording the rest of the project (originally on digital tape -Tascam DA78HRs)
    and all the other stuff from the studio but in my living room so I can't crank up an amp to proper volume.
    So far my attempts with a combination of the Sansamp with or without the Fulltone have been relatively successful but the sound could still have more growl or bite to it without sounding clanky like DIs always do to me. Would the Fulltone Bassdrive into the Art Tube pre be a better choice?
    I like the Sansamp a lot but it rilly seems to lack the throaty growl of the SVT even with the drive up and the bass and treble down a bit. I can EQ as much as I want after it's recorded but I want a solid sound to start with.
    By the way it's very rapidly picked bass in a crust / grindcore band but that being said I still want the bass to be articulated.
    'nuff rambling, any ideas?
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    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    The SanSamp by itself is what works better for me.
    It won't get any better.
    If money's not too much of an issue, the best solution would be to get an old fliptop b15 and mike it.
  3. I have the SVT. I just can't record with it until the new studio's up and running. That's why I need a DI only solution.
  4. So I've been playing around with this problem on and off all week and I'm still not happy. I can get a good growly tone but then the rapid picking just turns into indistinguishable sludge with either the Sansamp or the Fulltone. When playing through the SVT I don't have this problem. I always used that head with completely flat eq and the volume right around 4 or 5 which seems to be the right amount of power to get the tubes going nicely (into a 2x12 and 4x10, both 8 Ohm, daisychained).
    Also if I'm using the Fulltone for the overdrive is there any point in using the Sansamp as a passive DI going into the Art Preamp or should I just use the hi-Z (instrument) input on the Art?
    Any thoughts, ideas or opinions would be helpful at this point. I'm supposed to get on with the guitar and vocal tracking asap.
  5. Man, that's just not gonna happen.

    Don't stop tryin' on my count but I'd throw in the towel. That's asking a lot of an amp, let alone a DI.
  6. I've come to the conclusion that it is impossible. No combination of pedals, DIs, pre-amps, etc. will reproduce my SVT sound to a reasonable degree. I'll have to deal with it for this release but never again. The Sansamp will have a place for live use to the PA but I won't play without my full rig if I can possibly help it.:spit:

    As it turns out I finally cranked up my old V4B in my kitchen and rattled the walls for a few hours to get bass tracks I could live with for this recording. The V4B has great tone for recording but not enough power for live.
  7. Pascal vd Pol

    Pascal vd Pol

    May 13, 2003
    The Bass Pod models an SVT amp. Dunno how it sounds, but loads of studios use it nowadays.