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  1. I'm not really sure if this belongs in Off Topic or Miscellaneous, but the mods can move it as they see fit.

    Ok, I'm a senior in High School and for my Senior Project I'm going to be working with a local studio to record our high school's Jazz band. I'll be taking an internship at the studio for maybe 4 months and then running the recording session myself as a conclusion to the internship. In addition I'm going to be composing a number of Jazz pieces for the Jazz band to rehearse, perform, and record. Should be pretty cool if all goes well :)

    Before the senior project starts though, we're working on our Senior Paper, and I've chosen my topic to be on how technology has affected the scope of music. We've finished our rough draft and now need to find two people outside of the school who have knowledge and experience in the field to review the paper and give comments, suggestions, corrections, that kind of thing. I've already got one reader so I just need one more but if other people want to check it out and give feedback too, that's great :)

    So, it's a 10 page rough draft along with a "reader review form" from the school that needs to be filled out and returned to myself no later than December 5th. If you'd be willing to check it out, let me know and I'll e-mail you a copy of the stuff along with my eternal gratitude ;)

  2. Sweet. If it has to do with recording, I'm there.
  3. There's some recording bits in there. There's a lot of the history of early sound recording and different formats though.
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    Can the response be emailed?
  6. Yeah, you can fill out the stuff electronically. Though it does need a signature, if you can scan that in maybe...
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  9. Awesome, I'll shoot you a copy tommorrow. You're from Washington too - coolness :cool:
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