resistance, resonant peak->pickup output

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  1. jim primate

    jim primate bass guitarist.

    what do the numbers in a pickups resistance mean in relation to the pickups output? and what does resonant peak mean? i aks b/c i'm looking for some j-bass pickup replacements that will match (or almost match) my p-bass's output. fyi-my p-bass pickup is stock fender.
  2. pjbasser


    Sep 26, 2003
    Let´s see...

    1 The pickup resistance means that the coil of the pickup has a certain resistance.This is only relevant when u choose the potentiometers value...
    But it doesn´t say anything about how loud the pu is...
    To make it simple, the higher dc-resistance of the pickup, the higher value of the pot..

    2 The resonant peak means that within this frequency the pickup is most loud...especially relevant if u know at which frequency ur bass is loudest (unamplified) if the bass is "trebly" choose a low resonant freq..and and the opposite...generally speaking that is..:)

    Generally it´s wise to choose a pickup with a high resonant peak, since it then won´t have that much effect on the sound,a bass has most of it´s energy in the ...YES! bass area...

    Hope this gave u something...