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resistors and capacitors usage

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by GODSBASSMAN, Aug 24, 2017.



    Feb 2, 2005
    S. Carolina
    The normal bass has
    # 1) 250 ohms potentiometers and a .047 micro farad capacitor.
    To go deeper we use
    # 2) a .10 cap and 250 ohm pots.
    Let's go the other direction and use
    # 3 ) a .022 cap and 500 ohm pots.
    What is the sound of each and are there sound clips somewhere accessable?
    what actual use would # 2 and # 3 be good for?
  2. Standard pots for passive pickups are 250k or 500k, not just 250 or 500. The k denotes that we multiply by 1000. So in Ohms, it's 250000 or 500000.

    The resistance of the pots changes the resonant frequency of the pickups slightly. Likewise, the capacitance in a tone control moves the cutoff frequency up and down. Think of it, crudely, like playing around with the frequency knob on a parametric EQ.
  3. So then in Godsbassman's example:- a .10 cap (instead of an .047) and 250K pots will get you a deeper tone?
  4. Yeah.

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