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Responsive Rick Turner

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by 7thbass, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. 7thbass


    Nov 21, 2003
    Houston, Tx
    I was looking at a bass someone told me "might" have been put together by Rick Turner. I emailed Rick and within 24 hours had an answer.

    So, Rick is a wonderful human being.
  2. avid

    avid born lefty

    Jun 22, 2005
    Ashland, Oregon USA
    You are easily impressed. :meh: I would think him a wonderful human being if he sent me a left handed Model 1 bass because he realizes how difficult it is for lefties to find quality instruments.;)

  3. lefty007


    Jan 19, 2004
    Miami, FL
    I sent a bass to Rick for repair and he sent it back within 24. . . months, that is.

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