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Restoring 2006 Warwick Corvette 5-string to its former glory!

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Bassman12593, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Bassman12593


    May 22, 2007
    Jericho, NY
    I've traded my german (not rockbass) warwick corvette standard 5 string for the exact same model. This one has a much nicer neck and it was an even trade. The only problem is that it has this god awful, embarrassing as f*ck, DIY blue stain that never sunk in and spray lacquer finish all over it! GROSS!

    On this fine Saturday afternoon, while I should be outside exercising, I am taking off this horrible finish and restoring the bass to it's former glory: Original lem-oil and beeswax. Classic.

    There's also a very depressing attempt at an inlaid straplock on the back which I intend to remove and fill with wood filler and color with a furniture touch up pen. I imagine it won't look very good but we can't always get what we want. It's on the back of the bass anyway.

    I've consulted two luthiers and a charming home depot employee as I do not have the money to pay a professional. They've all said the same thing: complete disassembly--> light/medium sanding-->chemical stripper (haha)-->lacquer thinner (only if I absolutely need it)-->clean up with heavily diluted dish soap and sponge-->very very light sanding-->lemon oil-->beeswax

    I'm using all proper safety equipment, nitrile gloves, safety goggles, mask, well ventilated area and all that.

    I'll post pictures and commentary as I go along. I'm 20 years old and have no experience with this.

    Encourage me or laugh at me for being such a dumb ass. Your choice:bag:

    Here goes nothing!

    Here's the bass as I received it in the trade.
  2. Bassman12593


    May 22, 2007
    Jericho, NY
    I've added more pictures. All done with the paint stripper and I'm on to sanding! Progress!

    Ok, so I've lied to you. I actually started this morning. No biggie, right?

    I also started with dental exam gloves but quickly stopped once I realized I could feel the stripper burning through the gloves. I removed the gloves and washed my hands with soap and water for about 5 minutes and the burning stopped. No visible irritation or anything. Should be ok. Laugh all you want, luthiers, I've never done this before and this paint stripper seems like some serious sh*t. Some also bounced onto my face, right above my lip but I just wiped that off and it stopped burning. Also made a conscious effort to not lick my lips at all haha. I put on a mask after that and added a small fan.

    The paint stripper is Klean-Strip KS-3

    I have not used any lacquer thinner and it seems like I wont need any.

    More Pictures
  3. You got your hands full with that one. Why anyone would put such a nasty finish on a Warwick, I'll never know.
  4. Looks much better. I commend your audacity in such a project.
  5. Bassman12593


    May 22, 2007
    Jericho, NY
    @jamestown94west: My friend who is a year younger than me convinced his parents to buy him this bass a few months after I had worked all summer to make enough for mine. Both used. His had a fantastic neck that I've always been super jealous of. He was 15 and thought blue was cooler than bare wood or some dumb **** like that. About this time last year, he came to his senses and realized that mine looked much better. I did think about asking him to swap necks but I think it's better to keep the bass parts together. We made the trade and now I'm doing the work for that sweet, sweet neck.

    @JimiLL: Thanks! Taking off the stripper and gunk that it loosened with a metal and then nylon putty knife got it to 75% of what you see now. The next 25% was done with #3 and then #0 steel wool. I actually didn't really need to clean up any of the stripper. The steel wool took it right off.

    I filled the inlaid straplock hole halfway with Dap wood plastic, walnut color. It matches pretty well so far. I tamped it down with an AAA battery. I'm sanding a lot with 240 grit on the back and i'm trying to get as much sanding dust into the hole as I can so that when I add the final few layers of wood plastic, it'll match even more closely.
  6. You traded a rockbass for this?
  7. Bassman12593


    May 22, 2007
    Jericho, NY
    No, German Corvette Standard 5-string for German Corvette Standard 5-string with awesome neck but awful finish.

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