Restraint It Aint

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  1. Appogee


    Jan 18, 2018
    After a decade of restraint (aka "a period of intense and thoughtful research during which many TalkBass Members provided excellent advice") I gave in to the GAS which had been building within me and started splurging on new gear.

    On Monday, I took delivery of a new amp.
    On Tuesday, I picked up a secondhand speaker cab.
    On Wednesday, my new Zoom B6 Pedal was delivered.

    It's now Thursday evening... and I still haven't tried out ANY of them.

    "What is the secret to this incredible feat of self control?" I hear you ask.

    On Monday, I discovered I lacked a necessary cable.
    On Tuesday, one son returned from school camp and fell asleep before I could make any noise.
    On Wednesday, other son began night shifts at hospital, now sleeping while I'm awake.

    You know what's worse than a bad case of GAS...? Sitting in a room with a bunch of cool new gear that you can't use!

    (Rock and) Roll on the weekend! :bassist:
  2. ahc


    Jul 31, 2009
    No. Virginia
    Isn't that known as constipation?
  3. My recommendation would be to take the 13 seconds that everyone is up and about and crank everything to 11 then do a Pete Townsend windmill. :D
  4. Dan Bone

    Dan Bone

    Apr 4, 2021
    I'd be out back on the patio jamming then. Freezing my ass off - but I'd be making noise.
  5. el murdoque

    el murdoque

    Mar 10, 2013
    Back in my day it was the children hat had to be silent and the parents that could make all the noise all the time.

    When I tried to sleep off a hangover while my father decided to mow the lawn at 10 o'clock, I had to learn to ignore the sound of a lawn mower or get up.
  6. Spidey2112


    Aug 3, 2016
    Headphones, baby!
  7. JC BASS 91

    JC BASS 91

    Oct 22, 2021
    SW Missouri
    Yeah...but that in no way compensates for rattling the windows and shaking the foundation of the house. :D:cool:
  8. jimmydean


    Mar 14, 2009
    I know how you feel........I have not been inside a strip club in 35 years .
  9. Spidey2112


    Aug 3, 2016
    Or eradication of an entires species of mole, within the subdivision.
  10. micguy


    May 17, 2011
    Seems like you're the one paying the bills. You should be setting the rules for noise. If your kids wanna sleep, they can buy their own house. No, I don't care if they're 5 - rule still applies.
  11. J Wilson

    J Wilson

    Apr 22, 2022
    An Undisclosed Location
    Do what I do: Blow the walls down. You won't be able to hear them (or the neighbors) complain. They'll learn to live with it.

    Short of a rocket launch or a battery of 155's firing in the back yard, I operate under the assumption that there really is no such thing as 'too loud'. I think that's a pathetic construct of the unenlightened.
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  12. Killing Floor

    Killing Floor Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2020
    Austin, TX
    So basically you had GAS and you bought some gear to quench your GAS and when the gear arrived you still have GAS.

    And no pics!
  13. No Pics or it didn't happen. Also it all depends upon what GAS actually stands for is it Gear AS or Guitar AS. I put it to you that you have yet to quench Guitar AS, So go out and buy another Bass.
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  14. Appogee


    Jan 18, 2018
    I scratched that itch 3 months ago. :(


    And it was soon after that when I realised I didn't just want a new amp, speaker and pedal... I needed them.
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  15. EatS1stBassist


    Apr 15, 2016
    So cal
    The secret to curing gas is to buy everything your heart desires until you are broke or have to file bankruptcy!!:laugh:
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  16. Volker Kirstein

    Volker Kirstein Blippy the Wonder Slug

    Yes! Do eet! kaBOOM!
    bass lil red knobs.jpg

    bass blue belle blue knobs 2.jpg
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