restringing as piccolo and tenor

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  1. besides getting the piccolo gauge strings,is anything else needed to properly set up the bass as a piccolo bass? also for tenor bass wich only has one string difference,is there anything else that would have to be done for that?
  2. nut change (usually) and complete set up (truss rod, action, intonation)
  3. i really dont no anything about changing the nut on the bass or where to buy one,but how would i find one that has the grooves for such small strings? do they sell nuts specifically made for piccolo basses? i did a search on the net but couldnt find anything.
  4. Ben Mishler

    Ben Mishler

    Jan 22, 2003
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    Nuts are usually sold in a precut state, and you will just need to find a repair guy to cut the slots for you.
  5. nuts usually come blank. They are cut to fit the string/bass/setup. I'd just get the strings and take it to a shop for a nut and setup... it should be real cheap. I do my own now.. but 10 years back it was about $35
  6. would anything have to be done on the bridge were the strings lay against to accomodate the thin strings?