Rethinking current rig. Suggestions please.

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  1. Just wanted to run this by you guys to get some opinions. I'm still in the thinking phase of what I want to do.

    First, my current rig.
    Alembic F1X and a Stewart World 2.1
    with an SWR Goliath jr. 2X10 and a Big Ben 1X18

    Some of the problems that I faced with this set up was the rear ported 18 being troublesome in some rooms. In smaller rooms, the 2X10 alone sounded very thin, lacking mids. So I would always bring the 18. I could always get a good punchy sound with them together.

    Basically what I want to do is down size, but I am also looking for a modern sounding system with tube warmth.

    My first thought was to just change out my speakers and I was thinking about going for the sound and punch of a 4X10, specifically the Epifini UL410. With their reputation and portability it sounds like a no brainer to me.

    What's your opinion on the Alembic/Epifini set up?

    I believe that a pre-amp speaker combination is important. They have to be a good match. Just because they are both great equipment separately does not mean that they will be the best match.

    I have read comments here that the F1X lacks mids and sounded bad with the scooped mids of a SWR 4X10's I did not find this with my bi-amp set up but did with the 2X10 soloed.

    I guess my fear is that If I got rid of my SWR's and got the UL410 it would not be as good. If the F1X is not a good match for a 4X10 I would like to know because none of the great speaker companies have dealers in my area. So trying before buying is not an option.

    My second thought would be to go with a Demeter/Epifini set up.

    Experiences and suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I would suspect that would be a good match-up.

    From what I've heard the UL's have quite a bit more mids than the older NYC's.

    A Schroeder 410 would probably be another good solution -- tho I haven't listened to an Alembic F1X with one.
    The Schroeder has more aggressive mids and upper mid-bass.

    I use a Dem 201S with my Schroeder 410 (and love the tone w/a Jan Philips 12AX7WA), but since you already own the Alembic, I'd give that a go and see how you like it.

    The F1X gives a tube-ier tone with an emmense low end, where the Dem is very fast and fairly clean (still has some tube vibe, tho).
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    First off, it is EpifAni. :D

    I've heard a couple Epi cabs with both pre's. I preferred the Demeter each time. Nothing wrong with the Alembic, I just think the Demeter is more of what you may want. The Alembic does the old school wibe really well, but it doesn't look to me like you want that.

    You may want to have a look at the Navigator from Eden....

    Good idea to keep the Epifani in your options. If you're into making sure you have a good match, you should really consider dropping the cash on the Epifani UL502. Paired with the UL410, and you'll be s-e-t!!! Turn it on and play, end of story.

    First off, I would not ditch the Alembic until you get a new cab. You may find that with some tweaking, the Alembic fits the bill.

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    IMHO, that alembic pre and the Epifani UL series of cabs makes for a KILLER thick, rich, fatty, chewy fingerstyle tone to die for.

    and FYI, the "flat" setting for the alembic pre is 2-10-2. i.e. my fav setting was treb @ 5, mids cranked, bass @ 4.

    maybe you should try that before going for another rig.

    also, i dunno who you maybe talking to, but IME, i doubt the Epifani cab wouldnt sound worse than the SWR. different sounding, yes. worse? highly doubtful.

    also, compared to the airy open tweeter of the Epifani's, the SWR's tweets are much more clacky and detached sounding as if not integrated into the overall sound. and while the SWR does have that sucked in sound most bass players are familiar, the Epifani UL's mids are much more filled in w/ that midrange chew. not necessarily congested or heavy in the mids like a dense "bar of fudge" ampeg cab, but the Epifani's mids are much more present and rich like a "just outta the oven" moist brownie.
  5. Thanks guys

    Definitely what I am going to do first is the speakers, and try it with my F1X. That's the logical step. Mostly what I was looking for was an opinion on what the set up would be like. The best I can describe what I think I am looking for is a modern tube tone sound. With the F1X I have got the tube tone and with an UL410 I think I will have the modern articulation.

    I agree with MJ5150, I think the Demeter pre's probably do a better job with what I am looking for. I'm not going to ditch my F1X until I hear it, my ears are my best judgment. I also have an Art Tube EQ (semi parametric eq) I could add to the signal chain, but down sizing my rig is one of the things I am looking to do.

    Yep, I know. I am also bi-amped and using the crossover, so tone tweaking with my current set up it pretty good. The main concern is downsizing and looking for a bit more of a modern tube tone.
    Never meant it to sound "that way" Just wanted to make sure that the UL410 is the sound I am looking for. SWR and Epifani are both great companies that make very different cabinets.

    I do agree with your description of the SWR tweeter and that is one of the things I am trying to alleviate. I think by a modern sound I also might be trying to say more of a studio like quality, or high-fi. Something to that effect, from a punchy 4X10 and the warmth that only tubes can provide.

    I would love to hear more, I am open to different companies and speaker configurations.

    Some of the other companies I was considering with the reason I keep coming back to Epifani.

    These seem to be the bee's knees around here but one comment I keep hearing is that "these cabs are loud" on stage and in the audience. My concern with these is that I don't want to be too loud on stage and second how do these things sound at low volume. Hey, every once in a while you might have to do some diner music.

    Actually, I love what I have read about these, I'm not sure about the weight though with their cab in a cab design. They also are the most expensive, but if it is the last cab I will own it might be worth it. Also not sure if their models with their speaker configuration will give me what I am looking for. (4X10ish) I could be persuaded after hearing one.

    It may be Epifani vs. Accugroove, but right now I am just trying to get some opinions. I am definitely going shopping after the holidays. Maybe you could fill me in with some descriptions of their characteristics.

    Right now my focus is new speakers, if I do anything with a pre-amp it will be after the speakers but would like to hear more comments.

    Thanks once more.
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    First off, it's "school vibe." ;)
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    Wow, that was a big oversight on my part. I fixed it. :D