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  1. ahooton


    Nov 8, 2012
    I'm retiring, and clearing out a bunch of gear. Here are some pedals to get started. Please check my other classifieds in the next day or so, there will be a number of instruments, cabs, etc. These won't last long, if you're interested let me know!

    Behringer AB100 -- A/B switch, dual-direction (2 ins, 1 out; or 1 in and 2 outs) ($45)
    SOLD -- TC Elelctronic Polytune -- poly-chromatic tuner w/ true bypass circuitry ($50)
    SOLD -- Mark Bass "Compressore" -- tube-based compressor (amazingly warm!) ($125)
    DigiTech X-Series dual-band bass compressor, adjustable levels ($75)
    SOLD -- Boss PS-5 SuperShifter -- this is like 3 pedals in one (shifter, detuner, harmonizer) ($75)
    SOLD -- Boss GEB7 -- 7-band bass equializer w/level adjust, works GREAT! ($50)
    SOLD -- Electro-Harmonix POG2 -- polyphonic octave generator, with FIVE detunable octave shifters! ($200)
    Dunlop CryBaby Bass -- Bass wah-wah pedal, w/ adjustable Q -- ($50)
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