TRADED Retrospec Squeeze Box

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  1. jerVc


    Nov 6, 2011
    Little Rock, AR
    Mint condition with original box, instructions and packaging. I used this on my pedalboard for 3 session studio albums and do not want to put it through the grind of touring. I have switched out the tubes with 2 True NOS NIB date matched pair of Brimar CV402/12AT7WA Plate Vacuum Tubes, but am including the original tubes in the sale as well. This compressor sounds nothing short of stunning and I will have a hell of a time replacing the tone/response in my signal chain. It certainly lives up to all the hype I have ever read and would absolutely recommend this compressor to anyone who wants to add a significant amount of signal tone and low end response. Plays well with every pedal I have thrown its way. Priced to move. Price includes shipping to CONUS. PM with any questions.

    *Trade interests
    Bergantino Cabs

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