Return of my other favorite closeout bargain ($200 Dearmond Pilot Pros)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by craigb, Dec 12, 2001.

  1. craigb

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    The best $200 new bass you're gonna find

    My first favorite closeout bass is, of course, the MTD Beast. And those are about all gone. A super deal, I've had three of them.

    My other favorite closeout bargain, that I had one of this summer, is the Dearmond Pilot Pro 4. I thought they were all gone but I recently saw that Sam Ash has 30 more of them. Actually it's down to 29 now after I caved and went for another one.

    Natural finish ash body, 4 piece 35" scale neck, a pair of Dearmond humbucking pickups and a 3-band active system. $199.99 from Sam Ash with free shipping. I got my first one from MF for $169.99 but they haven't had any for a long time. I sold it for more than that when I decided to go a different way. It sounded good, played well and looked nice (if you like the natural look). Original list $699.99, original street price about $420, closeout for $199.99. How can you pass it up?

    I recommended them before and I'll recommend them again. If you are looking for a quality bass at a good price one of these at $200 brand new is amazing. I think it's a better deal than a Mexican Fender, OLP Stingray or similar bass that would cost more. It's almost as nice as the MTD Kingston & Beast.

    Just passing the word on what I think is a great deal to my TB bretheren.
  2. I got wind of that whole deal AFTER Sam Ash sold em all.:(

    And I already bought a MIM jazz. But i'm satisfied.:)
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    Apr 30, 2000
    I bought one of the Pilot Plus 5-strings from Sam Ash for $159. I really didn't need another, (I own 19 basses) but I couldn't pass on one for that price. I love it, especially the comfortable neck. $200, that's a real deal.