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Discussion in 'Recordings [DB]' started by mcbosler, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. mcbosler


    May 12, 2000
    Plano, TX
    I've been searching in the stores for more of Stanley Clarke's double bass work. I already had Light as a Feather and Romantic Warrior, but was having trouble finding any other Return to Forever cds. Went to Best Buy and there it was! A 2-cd anthology set with almost 40 minutes worth of unreleased material! It's really nice how they split the cds, too; the first one has mostly upright (Bass Folk Song live is badass), while the 2nd exhibits more slap on electric.


    I LIKEY!!!
  2. mcbosler


    May 12, 2000
    Plano, TX
    Oh yeah - it's called Return to the 7th Galaxy. Here's a listing of the tracks:

    CD 1
    1. 500 miles high
    2. Captain Marvel
    3. Light as a Feather
    4. Spain (live, unreleased)
    5. After the Cosmic Rain (live, unreleased)
    6. Bass Folk Song (live, unreleased)
    7. Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy
    8. Captain Senor Mouse
    9. Theme to the Mothership

    1. Vulcan Worlds
    2. Beyond the Seventh Galaxy
    3. Earth Juice
    4. The Shadow of Lo (live, unreleased)
    5. Where Have I Known You Before
    6. Song To The Pharoah Kings
    7. Dayride
    8. No Mystery
    9. Flight of the Newborn
    10. Celebration Suite (Part I & II)
  3. DaveBeny


    Mar 22, 2000
    London, UK
    Hasn't this already been out for a couple of years? I know I saw it at least two and-a-half years ago in the shops.

  4. moley


    Sep 5, 2002
    Hampshire, UK
    Yeah, I think it has been out a while. I've been seeing it shops & online for a couple of years or more now.

    If it is the one that David is thinking of.
  5. pmaraziti


    Feb 12, 2006
    Madrid, Spain
  6. Eric Swanson

    Eric Swanson

    Oct 8, 2007
    Boston, MA
    The first RTF album, called simply "Return to Forever" is all DB. This is my favorite of all of their albums. It has the same lineup as "Light as a Feather" and preceded it.

    Here's a link: