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  1. Irem Hernandez

    Irem Hernandez

    Feb 19, 2018
    This is a 2 part question....
    First thing's first I just purchased a MXR reverb pedal for my bass(amazing sound) my first question/complaint if anyone can help me out with, after a short time of turning the pedal on, it cuts off, then on again, then cuts off then on. It did this repeatedly until I changed the power plug into a different input source then it stopped. Next day I switched pedal boards(bought new one) and hooked everything up sort of the same but then the reverb pedal did its thing again about turning on then off...switched the power input and bam.. its fixed Now it works fine. My question is, did this happen because the pedal itself is messed up or possibly just because the power source is too much or too little? It's a 9v batter going into a 100 power supply...

    Second question(all about opinion) Where would you place a reverb pedal in your chain? mine goes from bass to fuzz-chorus-delay-reverb-loop-amp....
    just out of curiosity is where you all feel you get the best sound in placing certain pedals in whichever order

  2. Wasnex


    Dec 25, 2011
    The MXR M300 requires 9V and 240mA. That's quite a bit of current. I use a pair of Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus for my pedal board. These have 8 isolated output that can be setup for different voltage and current ratings. Only output 5 and 6 can supply 9V at 240mA, and then just barely, as the outputs are rated at 250mA. It's possible you are overloading your power supply.

    I suggest you check the specs of your power supply. You need 9V and a minimum of 240mA. A wallwart should have been supplied with the M300.

    Reverb and delay normally go at the very end of the signal chain. Most prefer to feed the delay into the reverb.
  3. +1 on checking your power supply, you most likely need a stronger one.
    Delay, i place them before distortion, because i simply like how it sounds. Reverb towards the end, but before tremolo.
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