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  1. tyohars


    Nov 11, 2016
    Currently I'm using octaver and MXR bass chorus deluxe on my pedalboard. So, I'm looking for more ambient sound for my bass playing on some of my band songs. After trying my guitarist reverb, it gave me the sound I was looking for. But I only can replace my MXR to make room for more pedal, which means I'm looking for 2 in one pedal but not a big one. I want something similar to JHS Space Commander but with only chorus (or any modulation) and reverb but with separated footswitch to on/off and smaller size. Sorry for asking to much, but any pedals like that? Or any other suggestions? Oh, remember the space issue, I only can replace the MXR to add this. Thank you in advance
  2. GMC


    Jan 1, 2006
    Wiltshire, UK
    A Zoom MS70-CDR can cover your one box solution for chorus, delay and reverb. It's not got the clarity of say an Eventide H9, but it sticks to what it can excel at and it's a very good all in one pedal
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    Apr 13, 2001
    I don't know of anything that has both on separate footswitches like that - at least not in that enclosure size. MD Effects High Tide might be the closest you get. It does delay, verb, and chorus in one. You can use each effect individually, but it requires turning a knob or two to either kill the chorus or kill the delay/reverb. You could also try finding two mini pedals and see if you can re-tetris things to accommodate them...

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  4. Liko


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    There is the Eventide Rose; not exactly what you had in mind, but it's a modulated delay allowing very fine delay time control (fractions of a millisecond resolution on the timing) with an assignable hotswitch that can be set to control the pedal's modulation. It also has 5 presets and the hotswitch can toggle through them, so you can get what you're after that way.

    Other than compact multi-effects like the H9, I really can't think of anything that would give you that kind of control over reverb and modulation as an explicit combo effect, without either requiring you to kneel and twiddle or use a MIDI controller.

    Two "kneel and twiddle" options I can recommend are the Neunaber Immerse MkII and the EHX Canyon. Both are multi-mode effects, the Immerse a reverb, the Canyon a delay, that have enough flexibility to allow you to dial in just the secondary effect if that's what you're after. The Immerse's Detune mode is a chorus effect, and you can blend between this effect and Neunaber's signature Wet reverb algorithm to taste, however it will not allow you to turn the chorus off with a footswitch, you either have to get good at tweaking the parameter knob with your foot or kneel and twiddle. It also has shimmer, which I've found useful on bass to provide synth pads without a keyboard (similar to your octave but with a slower blooming attack), a delay-verb that's a lot of fun to play with for rhythmic dotted-eighth stuff, and modulation controls for the pedal's Spring and Hall algorithms. When you said "ambient" my mind immediately went to this pedal, it's my sauce of choice to soak my tone in for that kind of playing.

    The Canyon is a multi-mode delay with both the Deluxe Memory Man emulation and a more explicit modulated delay, both of which you can turn into straight choruses or vibratos by turning the delay time to zero. It has a reverb delay that can also function as a straight 'verb, and octave, shimmer, sample and hold and a few other modes that can do a variety of musical and useful things on bass. This pedal currently rounds out my bass board, the shimmer and reverb are very useful effects for slower songs, and the octave is fun.

    One last suggestion, take a look at the Source Audio Collider; it's a delay-reverb, replacing one half of the Ventris with the Nemesis, that allows the delay and reverb to be independently switched. I'll just bet you can find a modulation parameter in one of the delay modes and do the same trick as the Canyon, setting delay time to nothing, and voila, a chorus and reverb in one pedal. For $350, that's a bit of a specialist use, but that's just one of four presets, so you can set it up that way for those songs, then press one button and get something more conventional, or something ambient and synthy (the shimmer on the Collider sounds as good as anything else I've heard and is quite flexible). And, it has MIDI, so if you don't want to kneel and twiddle, you can put a DIN-5 MIDI control unit of some kind on a music stand and use it to send commands to the Collider. Or just put the collider on the music stand.
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  5. tyohars


    Nov 11, 2016
    Thanks for the reply. I guess I'm going to go to 2 small individual pedals (Mooer Shimverb/TC HOF + Mooer Mod Factory/TC Corona). I already know MD High Tide and Naunaber, but that's not available on my country. Collider is too big for me.
  6. GMC


    Jan 1, 2006
    Wiltshire, UK
    Zoom's's got all the modulations, delays and reverbs that you could ever want!
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  7. AlvarHanso


    Jun 20, 2011
    They actually put out a video recently that showed how one can get a good chorus sound from the Collider using a similar technique to what you describe. I'm not huge on chorus, so watched it and thought it was cool, but don't recall the settings.

    Also the Mod11 by EHX may work, it's mainly a Modulation pedal, but has other things within, to combine. The Oceans 11 and 12 give you the reverb and a few modulation effects combined.
  8. Swimming Bird

    Swimming Bird

    Apr 18, 2006
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    +1 on the Canyon - definitely an ambient machine. I like the verb, but it doesn't do verb with mod (does do mod delay). The Oceans 11 is a similar concept, but for reverb, which might do the trick.
  9. Oceans 11 won’t have a seperate foot switch for the mod but does have modulated delay (chorus or flanger or both combined as the mod option) or tremolo or shimmer or a Choose your pitch into reverb option... not sure if that’s what you were after...
  10. Karlo.kc


    Dec 16, 2008
    Here's another option:

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  11. Karlo.kc


    Dec 16, 2008
  12. CvhK-1


    Jul 28, 2020
    If ghoing for Mooer, you could also check out the "Reverie" series dual pedals like the "Mooer Reverie digital reverb" ?