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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by harley_ou812, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. OK here is the deal. Our band was hanging out at the guitarists house over the weekend. So we were bored and decided to do a little recording on a 4 track. But now we didnt have any amps there so we all plugged straight into the 4 track then so we could here we ran the rca outs into hs sony surrond sound. It was primitive but it worked. We were then messing with the surrond sound and found a reverb setting and when i played my bass I got this incredible sound it didnt change the clean sound uch but just a little and i loved this sound. Now my question for you all is. Do you have any Idea where i can get a sound like this if you have any idea what i mean.
  2. Try out the EH holy grail it's the best reverb I can think of that isn't rack mount or 500 bucks.
  3. you will probably find that reverb really sounds pretty bad on lower notes ESPECIALLY when you are with the band...

    anyone know of a decent reverb unit with a type of filter like the boss bass chorus so it only is applied to the high notes... (i know there are other ways to do this but im lazy ;) )
  4. like i said it seemed cool when i played it through the surround sound and i am guessing it was only working on the harmonics cause it wouldnt add it through the sub.. I just thought it would be interesting to heck it out

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