Reverend 5-Strings Now Available from Rev.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by basse, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Looks like they're clearing out the last of their stock (made from the last bass parts sitting around the factory)... They've got less than 20 basses listed on the following page:

    Reverend In-Stock Specials

    FYI, based upon how much I love my 4-string Rumblefish I took 5-string #2 - my first 5-string!!!

    Since they're not making basses anymore and they're moving the bulk of their production to Korea this is likely your last chance to get a brand new "limited edition, custom-color, US-made" bass from them!
  2. Thanks! But not really... Actually they've been out of basses for a year and half... These new basses just came out of nowhere and are the only 5-strings that have been available since they stopped making basses in May of 2004!
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    Dave was trying to poiint out that Chef made a thread on this two days ago that is still on the front page. No biggie though, and you definately don't need to educate Dave on the Reverend goings on.
  4. Sorry all, consider me spanked... I was looking at the dates of the postings and was looking at the "join" dates rather that the posting dates - my sincerest aplogies!!!