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  1. has anyone here played a reverend rumblefish? they look really cool, but Ive never seen them in stores anywhere. I was just curious about how they play, sound, ect. Im not buying one any time in the near future or anything, just wondering.
  2. Ask Dave Siff or Dancehallclasher.
  3. yyyyyyyello!

    i am the proud owner of a rumblefish XL4. this thing is the joint! i'm not sure what the pricing is now, but i got one of the last non-metal top ones (with one of the last maple fingerboards) for $775 (with the hardshell case). i researched for a long time, this being my second bass, and i'm convinced that it's one of the best deals you can get for a new bass.

    as many have said, it really is the perfect neck. i'm still used to playing my other bass, which has a slightly nasty fingerboard hump, so when i play the reverend i still tend to pound the strings too hard and i get fret rattle, but once i settle into the groove it's like playing butter. i don't even notice my thumb touching the back of the neck. the edges of the fingerboard are really nice, rounded over.

    it sounds so great. i heard lots of people talking about its semi-hollow construction contributing to "fatness" and "roundness," so i had worries over whether it could really rock hard, but it definitely does. as good for punk as it is for reggae.

    the electronics are really a treat for me. there is a three way switch for both pickups in parallel (jazz bass style), the neck pup soloed, and both pups in series (acting like a big humbucker). i haven't found much use for the middle position yet, maybe if i feel like playing lo-fi vintage stuff. but as for the other two: the series position is hotter than the parallel, so i have my sansamp BDDI set up so that i get a normal tone in the parallel position, but when i switch to series it drives the sansamp just enough to get a touch of gritty breakup. absolutely awesome combo for switching tone and dynamics mid-song.

    of course, it looks extremely cool, and there's a lot of attention to detail, each one is made in the US and hand-initialed on the back of the headstock. and although it's semi-hollow, it does not feel the least bit fragile.

    one problem: it's not too comfortable for playing with a pick. the edges of the body are pretty much squared off, and while the armrest on the top makes playing fingerstyle fine, a contour would make up-and-down picking a lot more comfortable. so, it's a good thing i don't play with a pick much.

    is that enough info? sorry i got carried away, i just love it.
  4. oh my..hehe. thanks for all the info. that sounds like one sweet lookin bass, and there are no other basses around that look like it. do you have to order them from reverend or does anyone carry them?
  5. reverend's website has a list of dealers that you have to order through. musician's friend might still carry them, i'm not sure.
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    Musician's Friend still sells them, and they are running closeout prices on the painted Reverends right now. Get one before they're gone!
  7. ooo..what is reverend's site???
  8. RS


    Aug 27, 2000
    Cleveland, OH
    I don't suppose anyone has had a chance to play the new ones with the metal tops? Do you think it adds alot of brightness?

    Hey Dancehallclasher, would you pay extra for the XL? Do you find you use the series mode enough? How do you feel about the maple board? Did you get to compare it vs the rosewood? What's a good price on a new one?

    RS: the XL costs a bit more than the regular, in the neighborhood of $50 retail i would guess. i definitely think it's worth it. i did a maple vs. rosewood shootout with a couple of otherwise identical musicman basses, and maple is my personal preference. but that's all irrelevant, as they only make XLs now, and they don't offer maple fingerboards.
  10. I used to own a metal-top Reverend. It was hard to do a fair comparison, because the metal top one was an XL and had Reverend pickups, while the blue Reverend I still have is the standard V/V/T set-up, and has Kent Armstrong pickups. I thought the metal top one had a bit more balls, but that's because I always used it in series.
    As DHC noted, Reverend now only offers the 4-string in XL. So, your choice is kind of made for you. But, IMHO, it's the right choice.. series mode on that bass is IT. Reverend will convert the standard V/V/T set-up to XL, and if my blue bass wasn't such a low serial number, I'd probably do it.
  11. RS


    Aug 27, 2000
    Cleveland, OH
    I've seen a couple stores online that still have some with maple necks or the solid color finishes.
    Just wondering if I should go with one of these before they're gone or just take a chance with new ones. I prefer a solid finish, but if the tone is there I can live with about any finish. I think I may have a slight preference for a maple board, but since I haven't played either it seems impossible to know.
    Thanks for the help.
  12. Larry Kaye

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    Mar 23, 2000
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    I own a Rumblefish 5 and it's a great bass for the money, especially on closeout or used if in decent condition.

    It doesn't have what I would call on-board versatility, but you can use your amp or an outboard EQ to mold the tone to the room you're playing.

    My Lakland, read costs 3 1/2 times the Reverend, has much more on-board versatility but it's not worth it value wise. I like it's feel and looks better but that's my ego talking, not my ears.

    You'll really like the Reverend and I'm not sorry I purchased it as my second bass. I still use it on a given job or two depending on my mood, as I do like some variety in my instruments, but I think they sound and feel infinitely superior to any Fender 5 string available for a lot less money.

    Make sure you get strap locks!!!! Don't ever ever drop the bass as I did. Bob Naylor's repair and customer service is next to none out there. He's great. Get the hard shell case too just for protection.

    Good luck

  13. Larry Kaye

    Larry Kaye Retailer: Schroeder Cabinets

    Mar 23, 2000
    Cleveland, OH
    I apologize for my being internet challenged.

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