Reverend Brad Houser 5 w/ case, asking $725 shipped

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  1. misterk73


    Apr 11, 2002
    Flagstaff, AZ
    Need cash for school and some new gear -- I'm also trying to sell a Steinberger USA XP-2, an Ampeg B-248 combo, and an Avatar 115 if any of those things appeal to you.

    I can post pictures and a more thorough, accurate description -- including serial # -- later this week.

    In the meantime, please PM me or post here if you're interested so that I can gauge interest and know what questions people still have.

    Asking $725, including shipping to anywhere in the continental US...

    + Reverend Brad Houser 5
    + Lava swirl finish
    + Two double-J humbucker pickups
    + 3-position voicing switch (parallel, single coil, series) for each pickup
    + Volume for each pickup
    + master tone control
    + Hipshot bridge
    +Wide neck (3 inch at 22nd fret).
    + Co-designed with Brad Houser (Critters Buggin, New Bohemians, Bass Player mag's 10 Young Guns To Watch)
    +Approx. 9 lbs.
    + In excellent physical shape -- some minor scratches on body consistent with regular practice, travel, and gigging
    +Includes hard-shell Reverend teardrop case -- a little beat up, but structurally rock solid
    + For what it's worth, this is the actual bass used in Bass Player Magazine's review of the Brad Houser 5

  2. misterk73


    Apr 11, 2002
    Flagstaff, AZ
    A few of you have already gotten part of this message via PM...

    Pics are up, sooner than expected:

    As you can hopefully see, the bass is in excellent condition. The neck and headstock are flawless, the back of the body exhibits no buckle rash or other wear, and the brushed metal top has only a few minor blems that I've tried to show in the close-up photos.

    New info:

    + Bass is missing one chrome knob cover (the knob itself is still there), which fell off shortly after I received the bass due to a weak glue job ... I may have the piece somewhere, but I think it's a pretty minor flaw

    + Reverend makes heavy duty cases! As you can see in the pics, the case is a little beat up but it is structurally rock-solid ... I've tried to show the tears in the vinyl/tolex as best I can.

    Let me know if you're interested!
  3. misterk73


    Apr 11, 2002
    Flagstaff, AZ
    Any interest of reaosnable offers? I'm proabably going to eBay with it soon otherwise...Thanks!
  4. misterk73


    Apr 11, 2002
    Flagstaff, AZ
    BTW, I just talked to Reverend and they're going to send me a new chrome knob cover to replace the one that's missing...
  5. misterk73


    Apr 11, 2002
    Flagstaff, AZ
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