SOLD Reverend Decision bass in party red with roasted neck

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    British Columbia
    Up for grabs is my Reverend Decision bass in party red, with a roasted neck and rosewood fret-board. It's a beautiful bass with a beefy, deep, warm Split-Brick reverse precision style pickup in the neck position and a Jazz Bomb pickup at the bridge.

    The neck and pick-guard on this bass were swapped from my yellow Reverend Decision. The neck is solid, but there is a small gap on the left side neck pocket. The only noticeable flaws I saw are a couple scuffs on the back and top of the head-stock and on the tuning pegs. There is minor scuffing on the pick-guard and back of the body from play. I'm also including the original parchment pick-guard, but note that since the neck is slightly different shape from the original, the parchment guard might need some adjustments.

    Weight is 8 lbs even on my kitchen scale.

    Price is in USD and includes shipping to Canada or Continental US. I am willing to ship elsewhere, but would need to determine a shipping cost first.

    P1000308.jpg P1000307.jpg P1000311.jpg P1000310.jpg P1000309.jpg P1000314.jpg P1000313.jpg P1000312.jpg P1000315.jpg P1000313.jpg P1000316.jpg P1000317.jpg P1000318.jpg
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  2. Price drop to $950 shipped to continental US or Canada.
  3. 2nd Price drop today. I've got a MIJ Jazz on the way so this must go.
  4. Price drop to $800 US shipped anywhere in Canada or Continental US.