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    Time to move on my Rumblefish XL. It's a fantastic bass and the best recording bass I've ever had. It's also the one I have had the longest as I typically max out at 4-5 years even on ones I love and this has been with me over 8 years.

    Below is the original sales thread and the only changes I have done is add on white chicken-head knobs and a better quality string tree. It has Fender strap buttons on at present but I will put back on the originals. It is strung with D'Addario Chromes which I think are the best match. I have the original tuxedo case, knobs, strap buttons, etc.

    SOLD - FS Only: Reverend Rumblefish XL and Reverend Rumblefish 5L

    Weight is 7lbs, 10oz.

    She sports some player wear but nothing too crazy. There are NO cracks or breaks in the top, bottom and sides. I photographed the back of the neck to highlight a recent scratch (thank you, my children, for at least showing an interest in my gear :rollno: ) and there are a couple of other minor dings on the neck and the end of the headstock, etc. that come from being played and loved. Sometime, long before I bought it, there had been a minor fretboard repair around the 18th fret; it's not really noticeable and you can't feel it, but full disclosure.

    IMG_0938.jpg IMG_0939.jpg

    IMG_0935.jpg IMG_0932.jpg

    To hear it in action, I recorded several CD's with it including one for a former band, including the one referenced in my signature): "Please check out my band Mud, Blood & Beer and our final release, The Sweet Life, and get it FREE through The Sweet Life, by Mud, Blood & Beer- thanks!"

    More info on the Made in USA, first generation Reverend Rumblefish XL basses (from - Reverend Rumblefish Bass):

    "Rumblefish XL - 141 Instruments

    The Rumblefish XL is similar to the regular Rumblefish, except that the "XL" version has a volume pot, a tone pot and a 3-way mini-toggle switch that allows the 2 passive Jazz Bass style pickups to run in parallel/single-coil/series. It is capable of a variety of different sounds thanks to the parallel/single coil/series mini-toggle switch. It sounds rich and warm in all settings.

    Reviewers describe the XL as, "like a Jazz Bass with a little more tonal flexibility and a much lighter body. The neck is as good as any out there and better than 90% of them; it feels like a "broken in" 60's Jazz Bass neck." To my ear, it has a little more of the low end punch than the VVT Rumblefish.

    Finally, I would like $1000 plus shipping (I'm based in NJ). No trades please unless you have something that is well in excess of $1500 such as a vintage (i.e., 1970's and older) Gibson Thunderbird, etc.

    Thanks and best regards,


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  2. TheLarch

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    Sold! Thank you, Adam!
  3. Dub56

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    May 28, 2005

    I've always loved fishing... Finally caught myself a Rumblefish! (a beautiful one, at that)

    Thanks again, Stephen!
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  4. pfern

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    If this one comes up for sale again, please PM me! Thanks!
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